The Healing Horse, Ch. 37, Scene 7: Reflecting with Pegasus

When young Karen reflects with her spiritual mentor, he confirms she has developed the ability to live in the moment and to watch her thoughts and feelings come and go without letting them carry her away. Today, we have the vocabulary to understand this. In the early sixties, we did not. Big thanks to Tara Brach for teaching the world about radical compassion!

Part 1 – Radical Compassion – Loving Ourselves and Our World into Healing

Scene 7: Reflecting with Pegasus

Karen hopped out of Mama’s Chevy and waved goodbye from the dusty ranch parking lot. The day had gone better than expected. She was still exhausted. She trudged to the barn. No Pegasus. She walked to the meadow. There he was. He knew how to enjoy a clear winter evening. Nothing got him down. She looked up into the black sky sparkling with silver stars and inhaled the sweet country air. Yes. Life was good.

She walked to him and leaned against his solid, warm side. “Hey boy, I’m back from another clinic and eval. Here’s what happened…”

He nodded and whinnied before speaking. “You are doing fine, staying the course—listening, hearing, but not taking negative comments personally. You are achieving more than people expect. Going beyond their limiting ideas about you. Your reasoning is becoming clear as crystal. You are taking all sides into account as you unravel the knots of untruth. You are blending the spiritual world with everyday reality. Keep going! Keep mastering those moments when your mind can become foggy. Remain the master of your mind, even when people deliberately try to cloud it. Transcend their expectations. Continue as the wise, honest, caring person you are, and let nothing impede the beauty that you possess!”

She hugged him. “Thanks, Pegasus. You always put life into perspective.”

“One other thing, Kitten. Someone you know is about to rethink his opinion of you and your abilities. He has an important message about how you can use horses to help other disabled children. When you see him, be wise and agree to try what he wants, even if it seems impossible.”

“You mean Joshua?”

“I have said enough. You will find out soon.”

With these words in her mind, she walked home and fell asleep without eating dinner.

Karen had learned to accept her feelings and allow them to dissipate on their own, naturally. She did not fight them anymore. She knew that if she could accept what was happening in the moment, the feelings would gradually pass. Her thoughts were things she could control, along with her emotions. Through self-care, self-compassion, and radical acceptance, she had made peace within herself.

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