The Healing Horse, Ch. 38: Trotting Her Way to Happiness, Scene 1: Joshua Needs Help

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Chapter 38 begins with an invitation from Joshua. You know it’s important. Pegasus said so in last week’s scene.

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Scene 1: Joshua Needs Help

Karen stepped out of the dance studio into the sunlight of a bright spring afternoon, just as Joshua walked by. There he stood before her once again, with his tall physique, his milk-white, pale complexion and his blond handlebar mustache. She knew that Joshua had devoted his life to bringing happiness to other people’s hearts. He lived each and every moment in accordance with the spiritual laws of the universe, and he cooperated with such enthusiasm that he brought total joy to everyone he met. Similarly, he had a gift for healing those around him by allowing the all-existent power to work in and through him, so that goodness, truth and beauty filled the world around him. Pleasantly surprised to see him, she knew deep in her heart that Joshua had been one of the first to nurture and believe in her. All her relationships and triumphs had begun with that magnificent, critical day at the carousel, and with him at her side. She realized that if there were one person she most wanted to be like, it would be Joshua.

He looked back at her. She sensed that a new phase of life was blossoming for her. Why now? Then she remembered Pegasus’ prediction.

“Hey, Joshua, how’s your ranch going?”

His eyes glistened with excitement. “It’s goin’ real well, darlin’. But there’s one problem.”

“What’s that?”

“Training my instructors to teach youngsters with disabilities. I need teachers with more than horse riding know how.”

“Sure. They need to know about disabilities.”

He looked into her eyes. “Karen, I keep thinking of you as a little girl learning to ride a carousel horse, but you’re growing up. Now you’re a young lady, and you might be the answer to my problem. You can be the bridge between the instructors and the disabled kids. You’re articulate and easy to get along with. You can speak for the kids, who can’t speak for themselves. Will you help out? You can be my advocate instructor.”

Karen curled her toes to keep her balance. “I’d love to, but I’ve never taught anybody, and I’m only fourteen. I’m too young to even drive a car.”

Joshua grinned and winked. “You know horses, and you know disabled kids. You can do it.”

Kitten put her right hand on her heart. She felt Joshua’s sincerity. Her nervousness changed to joy. She remembered what Pegasus had told her and it gave her the courage to respond from her heart.

“I feel honored, but teach me to become a disability riding instructor. I’m happy to advocate, but I need to teach and give my all.”

“Consider it done. I always wanted you on my team. I would not have my disability riding ranch if it wasn’t for you. You gave me the drive to accomplish this. You helped me keep sight of what was important.”

As Karen relished these sweet words and the feelings behind them, Mama came out of Gilberto’s studio. “Joshua, what a treat to see you! How are things going at the ranch?”

“It’s going well, but I have a favor to ask. I need an instructor at my ranch who knows horses and who knows disabled kids. I reckon you know who I mean.”


He nodded. “I’ll give her everything she needs to get certified. We have almost forty students now. I know from what Karen has accomplished, she will be a blessing.”

Mama thought for a moment. “Karen has something extraordinary to give. Of course, I think so. I’m her mother. If you see it, too, then I won’t stand in her way.”

Joshua grinned again. “You won’t be sorry. Your girl is gonna change what the world thinks people with disabilities can do.”

Karen gleamed, too happy to speak. She and Mama threw their arms around Joshua. Karen felt her true self blossoming.

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