The Healing Horse, Ch. 30, Scene 1: Drool and Tissue

photo of tissue box decorated with kisses

Chapter 30 continues little Karen’s visit to Tammy’s home. As always, she does her best to help her friend. In the first scene, she provides some of the care that Tammy’s sister should. 

(Image by Captain MarcusL, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons)

Scene 1: Drool and Tissue

In the living room, Tammy leaned forward in her wheelchair, collapsed and helpless, both arms and legs trembling and twitching.

She lifted her head, eyes full of tears, chin covered with drool. “This wheelchair is really getting to me. I’m all bunched up. The new leather is stiff and chafing me, and if I lean forward, I can’t get back upright again. I love this chair, but…”

“Maybe I can help you shift around in the seat.”

“Thanks, but no. It takes two hands to lift me. But you could wipe my face with a tissue. I’ve made a mess with my drool. I called Sandy for help, but she’s already in a foul mood.”

As Karen grabbed a tissue and gently dried her friend’s face, Sandra’s voice came from the hallway.

“I’m coming! I’ll be right there!”

Then came a murmur. “Here we go again. Will helping my sister never end?”

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