The Healing Horse, Ch. 25, Scene 10: Like a Rosebud

photo of pink, yellow, and lavender roses opening

photo of pink, yellow, and lavender roses opening

This scene ends Chapter 25 on a joyous note. Thirteen-year-old Karen realizes that she is blossoming like a rose and helping her friends blossom in their own unique ways. They are changing the world. Stay tuned for a darker chapter, as Karen tries to befriend a mean girl.

(Image courtesy of Grant Gould, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons)

Scene 10: Cooling It Like a Rosebud

Karen turned around and walked back to her mother’s bedroom, dragging her left foot with a limp deeper than usual. She loved being with people, but she also knew when she needed to be alone.

As she looked out through her Mama’s bedroom window into the rose garden, she was taken to a place of stillness and solitude. She raised the window and let the rose perfume fill her lungs.

The joy she had seen in Tammy’s and Kimberly’s eyes lit up her heart. She was doing it. She was fulfilling her potential. She was making the world a better place, especially for people with disabilities. She was unfolding and blossoming like a rose, and she was helping her friends blossom too, each in her own unique way. They were still more bud than bloom, but they were opening to the world and bringing their beauty into it. Together they were changing the world.

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