The Healing Horse, Ch 25, Scene 9: Happy Goodbyes

In this scene, the friends say goodbye after promising to meet, again, soon. That is all good. But we also get a glimpse of what is to come, as Tammy’s sister glares at Karen.

(Image courtesy of Evan-Amos, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons)

Scene 9: Happy Goodbyes

Karen and Kimberly put away the scarves, the Victrola records, and the other things they had played with. Kimberly tucked the tube of lipstick back into her jeans pocket. Then Karen pushed Tammy’s wheelchair through the door, down the hall, and onto the front porch. She loved helping her friend.

Karen and Kimberly hugged Tammy goodbye. She beamed.

“I hope you can come visit again soon,” Karen said to her. “You, too,” she said to Kimberly.

“Yes! Soon!” the girls shrieked at the same time.

Mrs. Beaumont and Tammy’s sister bumped the wheelchair down the steps, and the others followed. Then she let Karen push the chair along the brick path to Mrs. Beaumont’s station wagon. The two mothers hugged, and Mrs. Beaumont transferred Tammy into the back seat.

Mrs. Beaumont backed the big station wagon out of the driveway into the street. As everyone waved, Karen glimpsed Sandra glaring at her from the front seat passenger seat. Tammy’s sister was not happy about Tammy’s new friends.

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