The Healing Horse, Ch. 22, Scene 8: Soothing Music

image of two bars of The Carnival of the Animals
In this scene, little Kitten reflects on her situation and how much she values her friendship with Tammy, as
 well as on how important their mothers are to both of them. 

(Image of two bars of music from The Carnival of the Animals courtesy of user:Kaptain~commonswiki, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons)

Scene 8: Soothing Music

Returning to her bedroom after independently showering and changing into her pajamas, she listened to the LP of Saint-Saëns’ The Carnival Of Animals that Mama was playing on the record player. She fell into a state of deep relaxation, forgetting everything.

As sleep crept up on her, she cuddled under her covers, a book about carousels and horses in her hands. When her eyes tired, she put down the book and set her alarm for school in the morning. Mama was present for everything, but did not interfere except to turn out the bedside light. She let Kitten conduct her bedtime routine by and for herself.

Now and then thoughts about Tammy popped up in her mind.

Talking to Tammy made me realize I’m not alone anymore. Perhaps there is a chance for both of us to succeed in learning. Thank goodness, we have our mothers to protect us from the experts, even if Mama can’t be there tomorrow.

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