Inclusive Teaching Techniques for Special Education Teachers

Recently, someone from contacted me about a resource they put together to help special ed teachers. It is also for people who are thinking of becoming special ed teachers. Here is some info on it, followed by a link to the resource. I also added it to the Whispers of Hope Special Needs Resources page under Resources for Professionals.

About the resource:

To help teachers in their goal of crafting inclusive classrooms that take into account all types of students, we’ve created a guide full of helpful advice and methods all about inclusivity. As special education students do need some accommodations, they can may feel as if they are not fully a part of their classroom, which is something all teachers strive to change. created a guide to Inclusive Teaching Techniques for Special Education Teachers to provide comprehensive information to future and current educators on the answers they need the most, such as:

  • A discussion of learning disabilities
  • The types of classroom accommodations
  • Techniques for inclusive teaching, such as station teaching, parallel teaching, and universal design
  • Ways to design a functional and inclusive classroom space

Click here to go directly to the page.

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