The Healing Horse, Ch. 16, Scene 4: A Revelation Under the Moon

image of a jetliner bisecting the quarter moon in a night sky

In this brief scene, little Karen’s life continues to change as her ideas about herself and what she can do in life change.

Scene 4: A Revelation Under the Moon

As Karen walked beside the deserted Christmas Eve road, the words of Pegasus and Madame Leota ran through her mind. Now, she knew that dancing would be a major part of her life, but how? With one leg and an arm paralyzed, how could she dance? How could she lead the way, and what did leading the way mean?

The roar of a jetliner far above her in the sky broke her revery, and as she watched she saw its silhouette bisect the quarter moon, and in that moment she knew that if people could fly, then she could dance.

But she needed to find a teacher.

She hurried on, so she could discuss this with Mama.

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