The Healing Horse, Ch. 16, Scene 3: Reflections on Disneyland, Magic, and the Future

In this scene, Karen and Pegasus reflect on the magic that happens when people accept each other as they are, and on Madame Leota’s prophecy of great things to come for Karen.

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Scene 3: Reflections on Disneyland, Magic, and the Future

As they watched the sunset fade and the light of the moon illuminate the clouds, Karen snuggled back against Pegasus, thankful for his body heat on this chilly Christmas Eve night. Her mind went back over the day, and all that she had experienced and learned.

“You know, boy, I think if there’s one thing that sticks in my mind about this whole trip, it’s how important it is to decide what you really want to do, and then figure out how to do it.”

“I am sure you are correct, Kitten, but what about speaking up for yourself? If you had not spoken to the tram driver, we might still be waiting to get into Disneyland.”

“You’re right, Pegasus. It’s not enough to know what you want. You have to speak up. You have to advocate for yourself and others.”

“I learned something, too,” he replied. “I learned that there really are magical places in the world. You do not have to make a choice between reality and magic. Sometimes, magic is the reality.”

“You mean like in Disneyland…Yes, Disneyland has real magic in it. And you know what else I noticed? In the right place, in the right situation, even ordinary people can accept disabled people and magical horses. All day long, I kept expecting some well-meaning adult to tell me I couldn’t do something I wanted to do because of my CP. But nobody did. They all accepted me as I am.”

“It was the same for me,” Pegasus replied. “I never talk in public, but within Disneyland and its magic, I not only talked, but people listened to me and accepted me as I am.”

They watched the clouds move in the moonlight, and then together they recited what Madame Leota had told Karen:

In a future time not long away
You will dance and lead the way
Follow the pied piper, the dancing man
He will show you that you can.

Let no discouragement block your way
No matter what authorities say
You can dance and lead the way
You will show others that so can they.

Beware the white coats and teachers false
Stick close to your horse and teacher true
Eyes on your strengths, not on your faults
Become the one who is truly you.

Without another word, they walked into Pegasus’ stall. Karen removed his saddle and brushed him down. She kissed him on the cheek, and they both sighed.

He said, “It will happen, Kitten. It will all come true.”

She kissed him, again, and began her walk home.

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