The Healing Horse, Ch. 16, Scene 2: Sunset at the Ranch

In this scene, three important events occur. First, Mama shows her happiness with Karen and with how Karen is now approaching life. Second, Karen again exerts her will by asking to stay with Pegasus. Third, she recognizes that she and Pegasus need time to reflect on all that they learned during the day, that they need time to let the meaning of the events sink in.

image of sunset at topanga state park

The time of day is dusk. The sun is setting over the Pacific. Good time to reflect. Here is an image of what the sky might have looked like, as they watched the sun set over the horizon of Topanga Canyon. Thanks to WikiMedia Commons and user Jusdafax for the picture.

(User:Jusdafax, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons)

Scene 2: Sunset at the Ranch

When Rocky turned off the truck engine in the parking lot at Sierra Nevada Stables, Karen opened her eyes and looked up into her mama’s face.

“Why are you crying, Mama?” she asked.

“Because I’m so proud of you, my Krana Layala. You organized this whole day as a gift to your horse. You spent the whole day in a strange place without me or anyone else to watch over you. And now you’re almost home, safe and sound.”

Karen smiled, as her mama wiped away the tears and stroked her cheek. Then Rocky cleared his throat. She got his meaning. It was getting late. She and Mama could have their moment, later. He had chores to do, now.

“Mama, let me help Rocky with Pegasus, and then I want to stay here for a while, so my horse and I can reflect on what we learned, today. I’ll walk home in a few minutes, and we can have supper together. Okay?”

Mama nodded. Karen hopped down from the pickup to the ground, and a few minutes later she waved goodby to Mama, thanked Rocky, and led Pegasus toward the barn for the night. Outside the barn door, they gazed at the pink clouds of the sunset for a few minutes.

“Let’s stay here and enjoy the beauty of the sky, while we reflect on our marvelous day,” Pegasus said.

“I’m with you on that, boy. It was a perfect day.”

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