The Healing Horse, Ch. 16: Back to the Ranch, Scene 1: Truck and Horse Trailer

In this scene, Karen and Pegasus reflect briefly on their Disneyland day, and then Karen dozes on the way home.

Scene 1: Truck and Horse Trailer

When the tram reached the parking lot, Karen got off at the same stop where she had got on in the morning. She and Pegasus stood patiently, both reflecting on the day. The sun was setting, and she looked forward to going home.

After a few minutes, she saw the big pickup truck moving slowly between the rows of parked cars. It stopped in front of them, and Mama and Rocky climbed down from the cab.

Mama hugged Karen and said, “Oy vey! My Krana Layala, I’m so glad to see you. Did you have a fun day?”

“Yes, Mama,” Karen replied. “I’ll tell you all about it on the way.”

She helped Rocky load Pegasus into the trailer, and then climbed up into the cab. She wanted to tell her Mama all about what happened, but as soon as Rocky began the trip back to Topanga Canyon, she fell sound asleep with her head in her Mama’s lap.

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