The Healing Horse, Ch. 11, Scene 2: Friday Evening Rush Hour

The time period that this chapter covers brought events that shook the world, but this scene is all about dealing with everyday difficulties.

Scene 2: Friday Evening Rush Hour

On Friday evening of that first week of Pegasus living at the ranch, Mama patiently waited for the car ahead of her to move forward, as she drove her daughter home. They had sat through two full cycles of the traffic light, and they still had not crossed the intersection, but then, neither had the car in front of them. The rush hour traffic was a reality. There was no point in getting upset, but there was a point in adapting and taking action.

Mama’s original estimate of a half hour each way had turned out to be wrong. Even though she picked up Kitten at school promptly at three each afternoon, which was just before rush hour started, they always got stuck in traffic on their way home from the stables. If they got to the ranch at half-past three, and if Karen spent only an hour with her horse, then they did not get home until six. This made making dinner, eating, and relaxing into a rush–which was the opposite of what she wanted it to be.

“Krana Layala,” she said. “This is just too much for us. I don’t want us wearing ourselves out with all this traffic. We’re spending more time going back and forth than you’re getting with your horse. I’m gonna find us a place close enough so you can walk to see him. It’ll be great. Just you wait and see! Thanksgiving is coming in less than two weeks, but I’m gonna start my quest for a new home, immediately, and by immediately, my girl, I mean first thing tomorrow morning!”

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