The Healing Horse, Ch. 11: A New Routine, House Hunting, and Thanksgiving

Now that Pegasus has a new home, little Kitten needs a way to get from her house in Santa Monica all the way to Topanga Canyon, and she needs to do it every day. This begins a transformation of her life, but it is not all easy.

Scene 1: Monday After School

The next day was Monday, and as she had promised, Mama picked up Karen after school and drove her into the hills to the ranch. As she pulled off the hardtop and onto the gravel drive, she saw that her daughter was almost overwhelmed with eagerness to see her horse. She parked near the barn and watched as Karen ran to the pasture. Following at a respectful distance, she watched Kitten and Pegasus stroll away, up a trail. After a while, they returned to the barn, and Rocky showed Karen how to brush her horse slowly and lovingly. Her daughter obviously enjoyed every moment with the horse. Then it was time to go home.

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