Reflections of My Heart: Broken Beliefs

photo of bride in Lisbon

I look into the sky, a beautiful purple stream of light before me, dark, and full of destiny. I take a deep breath into my belly, filling my root chakras. This is a bridge to my future and how I perceive my life and how I can help the world around me.

In seconds, the despair disappears, the intense feeling gone. I feel my breath, my voice, my being. I am free. I see that having CP and enduring everything I have gone though made me that person who can bridge the divide. I can be the one who speaks up and out for the voiceless, who are afraid. And, maybe this will change the path for others.

I think often, how did I do this? But, I had no choice but to be myself. It was not only a challenge, but my destiny. So I did it with all my being.

I think back many a times. Maybe I was given all those challenges as an instrument to develop me, so I could help others. Maybe because I faced things that no one ever talked about was my way out. Maybe, the universe threw me all these curves because he knew I was strong even though I felt weak. And I went through them all by myself.

Because of this, I knew this was the time to accept, to heal, and to leave the hurt, pain and all these experiences to the universe so I could move forward to help others and become a symbol of joy and disability pride to help others like me.

In the dusk,
I see a
Purple passage,
A bridge like no other I’ve seen before!
This bandage is a bandage to heal
Broken beliefs, and mend the
Many moments of a tremulous life left behind! 

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Original text ©2024 by Karen Lynn-Chlup. All rights reserved. Image by Luís Ascenso, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons.

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