Reflections of My Heart: Blazing

photo of firefighter shooting a stream of water to put our a fire

Life for me seemed to get more complicated. It felt like the walls were closing in. Again. No room to breathe or have a break to get though the next storm in my life. No peace of mind. Or simply a pause to smell the flowers. So I got my feelings out in a constructive way, so I could find peace in accepting all that was happening in my life without giving an inch to the people and institutions that discriminated against anyone with a disability.

In this poem, everything before me seemed to turn against me. Then the loneliness of despair. Despair set in.

It just kept getting darker for me. I was outraged.

I remember getting through my rage by screaming into a pillow and writing in my journal, ripping through the pages with anger, hurt, and despair. I had to release my feelings to remain calm until the red sky passed.

But even in the fire of anger, a rainbow manifested in my sky.


The black-fisted nights
Turned into
Purple days of loneliness!

And as I walk the cold streets,
I call out to nature’s gifts
To mankind!

They answer with expressionless emotion!

I kept walking only for the day to
Turn into a
Burnt crimson blaze!

You can order my poetry collection, including this poem, here: Reflections of My Heart.

Original text ©2024 by Karen Lynn-Chlup. All rights reserved. 

Image of Fire Fighting by David Dixon, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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