Reflections of My Heart: Albatross

Photo of albatross flying over sea

It was the middle of 1983. I looked into the black clouds filling the sky, ready to pour down on my friend and me. Suddenly, an albatross soared above us.

Seeing this bird gripped my thoughts and feelings. How was I going to make it through the storms of life? As the emotion stung my heart, I thought again. Was I going to have a chance in life like everyone else?

After admitting these feelings to myself, they softened, and I felt the albatross was a sign to accept myself unconditionally, to become strong and proud, and bravely be who the infinite power wanted me to be, in an honest and loving way.


As I looked into the gray sky,
The clouds stormed with rage.

And in the distance,
Flying through the sky,
Was an albatross!

Such a gentle-natured bird
Which clings to my every thought.
His strength has such force,
An enduring passion
In which it grasps my every move!

My albatross is not dead!
It wove a beautiful necklace
Around my neck, like a garland of lace,
To remind me of my tumultuous past!

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Original text ©2024 by Karen Lynn-Chlup. All rights reserved. Image by JJ Harrison, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

One comment on “Reflections of My Heart: Albatross
  1. Sean Dineen says:

    You wove, a fire path of achievement and greatness that warmed us all.
    My kitten

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