Reflections of My Heart: Absent Heartbeat

Photo of Rodin's sculpture The Kiss

This poem speaks for itself. However, this relationship with this man was based on spoken untruths from the beginning. Call it sweet talk, if you want—misleading words to make someone believe something, when really he was minimizing me, a person with a so-called disability as he must have thought.

But I saw his truth, and it hurt deeply, because he couldn’t be honest with me and tell me how he truly felt, so we could not end our relationship amicably.


It was only a week, and my heart became one with yours!
We smiled. We laughed.
We even danced our hearts on fire.
We shared a sentiment that only one universe unites.

And then you left!
We parted with bitter, sweet goodbyes!

You told me our love would always live in our hearts and minds.
Only now, we both painfully feel the lonely passage of time!

We just met, and now we are separated
From each other’s arms.
Yet not too far for hearts that are entwined!
And not too far for lovers of one mind!

Oh, how unfair and, yes, so unkind!
Why does it have to be a test each time?
Haven’t we proved our unspoken words or
Isn’t it enough our solemn vows?

I long for your tender lips,
Your hungry heart,
The enduring physical embodiment of your soul
Only to encompass the
Mingling with mine!

I will sip the sweet words you quietly speak,
And believe bravely
To brace these unbearable times!

It is not easy
To count the minutes of each day,
The minutes of each week,
Only to find months that have slipped by!

I look amongst the cold crowds!
I search for your smile!
I look for your chestnut calm,
But wherever you are, you are not there!
I long for your touch to take the emptiness away.
My vision of you is dimming.
Your image is fading fast!
But I will NOT let that be!
I will not let your light extinguish from my mind and being!

Believe me when I say
We must be! We will be!

We must both find a way.
We must both breathe the same breath that will sustain
Us through this sequence of time!

Don’t give up my other half,
Don’t give in to this unquenchable urge,
As we must help each other
Through this difficult passage.

We will find a way to be together.
We must! We have to!
We will transcend this dauntless duration,
We will kiss again. And I will touch your tender soul
With your sweetness leading me to your wailing call!
Only to feel your faint breath so desperate for mine!

I will touch you.
I will soothe you.

I will answer your plea!
I will answer your heart with mine!
I will come to thee
With all the simple joys that will make
Your heart, our heart, happy and whole!

You can order my poetry collection, including this poem, here: Reflections of My Heart.

Original text ©2024 by Karen Lynn-Chlup. All rights reserved. Image by Caeciliusinhorto, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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