My Red Desoto

Just a few weeks ago, I began cycling again, after having toe surgery. It felt so good getting decked out in my biking outfit, and riding down the tree covered streets once again,  My husband, Chris,  helped me attach my helmet strap, my glove strap, and my feet onto my shoe pedals.  And I was good to go-

Me Cycling


Who says people with Cerebral Palsy can’t do the same kind of activities as “normal” people do!

Riding down the street

I remember the first time I ever got onto a bike.  That was back when I was only 8 years old.  It  was something I only did one time, yet I knew that that was something I’d like to do again if given the chance.

I knew some how, some way, in the depths of my heart, I could do it.  All I needed was a little help, from a kind hearted someone. I also knew that all I needed was help with a few technicality’s (like bucking my foot to keep it in place, so it would not move, and protection on my head and hands.) Then, I could ride my bike like any one else-  I would then be able to go any where I wanted and ride as fast as the wind would take me.   This joyful activity would give me more freedom.  It would be yet another way to worked my body out.  And, it would bring me much pleasure, contentment, and loads of fun-  I knew that if I could get this worked out, then I could do it.  There was no question or doubt in my mind.  I knew some how, some way, this opportunity would arise again if I stayed positive and focused.

I kept these thought in my mind, till one day, when my husband came home with a surprise gift for me.  Chris told me to come out side with him for a minute.  So I did.  I remember looking up, and there down the driveway was sitting a blue bicycle next to our car.  That was about 13 years ago.  While standing there and gasping with utter amazement, my heart skipped a beat. I was truly surprised.  I was elated, and ecstatically happy.  My  dream had come true!  This gift, was a cherished hope, and a thought of a real possibility, that I too would accomplish one day.  Somehow, I kept these thoughts alive in my being until that one, special day, it all come true!  It was a quiet prayer and hope that was answered; as I only made mentioned of it once.  My husband made this dream come true for me.  How special is that!  He also made me feel very loved as he made me a very happy girl!  However, it is not the bike you see in the pictures here.

The first bike was blue, and sat much higher.  When I would ride down hills, it made me feel very insecure, so, one Saturday afternoon, Chris, and I went looking for new ones.  We looked in a few bicycle store’s, and then, at the last shop, which was near our house, I found this perfect, beautiful, red Desoto .  It was all mine and I was going to take it home with me-

Now,  after all these years, I am still riding it and keeping it very shiny with TLC.  Chris has made some pedal modifications, too!  These modifications help me to petal faster, as well as keeps my foot on.  I no longer have to call my hubby every few minutes to fix my foot, and I have more power to push and pull.  This helps tremendously when I am on a hill, stop light, or just want to go faster.  My foot does not slip out of the strap, either any more-  I can tell you honestly, that I feel very secure with my bike, and,  I love and adore riding it.

Even though I need some help in order to go biking, I welcome every opportunity I get.   It is not only a treat, but something I enjoyed tremendously.  It  keeps me fit, trim and in shape, and  more than that, it  free’s my spirit.   It makes me feel like a a kid again!  I can do what everybody else does.  And, It make me feel vibrant and alive! It energizes me,

What’s more, I can visually picture me now, riding along side all the other children in my neighborhood that I would watch joyfully riding down the streets with this carefree, exuberance. Now instead of feeling left out, it has helped made me feel complete…  I get lots of smiles and thumbs-up from other cyclist, too!


Now, all I have to do is ask my hubby if he wants to go for a cycle, and off we go!  We take my Healer/ Terrier mix breed dog, Patches, for her run as well.  It couldn’t be more fun.  She runs about a mile with daddy and then rides the rest of the way with me, mommy:>) Lately, we have been doing a lot more riding since gasoline prices have risen.  We cycle well over 3 miles one way to our open air market to get our fresh fruits and veggies on Saturday mornings. While other times, we have taken our bikes to the strand, in Redondo Beach, California, and rode all the way to Marina Del Ray, and back.  Still other times, we’ve packed our bikes up in the truck,  drove to a particular point, unload our two and three wheelers from our vehicle, and off we ride-  Last time, we petaled from Venice Beach, CA. all the way  to the Santa Monica pair.

During the summer months, Chris and I  pack up our brown bag of goodies, and have an ocean front view of the water; while eating our lunch or dinner to the sweet crashing sounds of the waves.  We have enjoyed many a meal with the gentle,sea breeze blowing its currents ever so sweetly upon our face.


Me Smiling

You couldn’t ask for anything better than that, can you!

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