Modalities: The Means and Method of Attaining and Learning

In our society today, our school systems are overly programmed. They are out-ofdate, outmoded, and obsolete; lacking with an old-fashion appeal from the fifties, lending, little support services to really help anyone at all. Our children are suffering and paying the unforgivable price, of real learning. They are being bunched together in classrooms, given busy work which they cannot always do by themselves, and, they are expected to learn with unrealistic expectations. Our children are not grasping the material presented to them at all. And, they are left frustrated, bewildered, and to fend on their own.

Where is the genuine care and guidance from our educators? Where did it go, and how did it stop? What happened to the love of knowledge and learning? Where did it get lost? And how did it slip through our finger tips? It has tragically been abandoned by the men and women we call our board of education, our representatives, and our teachers.

Sadly, though, it is not totally our teachers fault, as they are given these mandated, fixed agendas by which the head principal gives predetermined programs. There is absolutely little leeway, creativity and or flexibility, for the teacher to develop, build-upon or expand, there lesson plans; which leaves little thirst, hunger, or drive on the students’ part to desire, to long for, or to crave. Those teachers who have taken on the administrators, have been reprimanded, and ultimately been honored in the long run by having movies made of there outstanding dedication and excellence. For that reason alone we must strive. As without this devotion and loyalty, there is an absence and aching in our children’s hearts and minds. Our teachers are looked intently by their hierarchy. They are given little freedom to move about or to arouse the triggers within each child’s mind to stimulate willingness and a longing to learn. As a result, lesson plans are geared and guided on a much lower levels. These rote skills only benefit the students at the lowest level.

Furthermore, teachers are full fledge baby-sitters, and prison guards; expected to keep law and order in the classroom at the expense of nurturing those particular individual minds and special talents which need molding, shaping, and a whole lot more attention and consideration. Many go unnoticed or falsely labeled. The true purpose of learning is to develop each individual’s talents. Not to just give them material to memorize.

Sorrowfully, our educational system focuses on practical skills rather then, a hands-on approach to draw from. It is excessive, and ineffective. Our teachers need the leeway and latitude so that they can expand and develop individualized learning styles and plans within each classroom setting to increase and broaden the scope of their pupil’s minds. To release these old methods from our schools would free us from the old style idea about education, which focuses on pacification, and industrial economy which is no longer relevant.

When will we execute these new ideas? When will they take hold? When will we learn from our past? And, when will the repetition and the recurrence of these unproductive acts end? Will we together take a hands on position and help make these disparities be obtained. Together our voices are louder and can be heard. Personally, I think that for society to really function, we need not only to change the way we look at educating our children, but we aught to think pro-actively, look within our own selves, and work in unison to find a whole new approach.

We need to look beyond what is, and envelop the whole child. Then, find the ways which work best for each of them, uniquely. We also need to enshroud our student with hope. We need to bring to the classroom a reason to want to learn, and we must as teachers be true examples and messengers. We cannot just talk the talk anymore. We need to induce as well as invite our classroom students to the many methods, methodologies, and hands on material, as well as develop certain new techniques and ways that carry importance, stimulate, and motivate to the highest capacities, while maximizing while teaching our students.

Additionally, we need to make learning fun, exciting, and accessible; especially for those like myself, with learning or physical disabilities. We cannot be looked down upon because we have dyslexia, or shoved into a corner; neither should we be put behind a partition because they don’t really know how to cope with us, nor, do they really want to help or deal with us or our problems.

We have to some how inspire, inject, and infuse our students as we pass on, and impart the true meaning of what we are teaching. Some how, some way, we need to broaden and change their perceptions and expand their scope and the way they think, reason, and look at life by provoking and evoking new ideas. But much more than all this, we as teachers and educators must plant the seed and demonstrate unconditionally that our students are precious, priceless, worthy of all there is to offer them, and valuable young men and women on the road to succeed.

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