What Can I Do

This morning I received a Google alert on learning disabilities, and, oh how I wanted to participate and get involved, and work with these people and share with them what I know to enlighten them.  However, the position was in England I believed.  It was being part of a council and having  a voice for all people with LD to make legal changes in our system, and laws, and to help individuals with learning disabilities.

If people would learn to take our word seriously, that would be such a blessing!  Not only for all the millions and millions of individuals, but to get real, honest feedback from people who have paid the price mentally, emotionally, or physically, instead of thoughts who have never experienced having a challenge like this at all.

This would be a sincere humbling  if organizations, companies, our government, legislation, and leaders would take a positive step forward to hear our voices and put us on committee’s and councils to change the way things are now…  It would be a gift to all society and man kind if we were heard and truly listened to.

It would be even sweeter if we were compensated financially for our knowledge and really taken seriously.  I personally would fight the good fight to bring all kinds of change to make a huge difference and impact for others as I have done for myself-  First I would stop categorizing us with people of down syndrome, mental retardation, ADD and  so forth.  I would also find a much better word to describe us.  I would not use degrading, heart-wrenching titles  and labels such as: developmentally delayed or disabled.

I would do all I could to first de-signify people who never chose to be disabled in the first place, or to be labeled.  I would start by finding real human ways and approaches to treating us with dignity and respect.

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