The Healing Horse, Ch. 8, Scene 07: Karen Falls Asleep in the Garage with Pegasus

Karen and Pegasus continue bonding, as they realize that they were made for each other.

Scene 07: Karen Falls Asleep in the Garage with Pegasus

After supper, Karen hurried back to the garage so she check on her beloved Arabian. She looked closely at his back. The lavender scab still covered the wound.

“I’m back, Pegasus, I’m back,” she whispered. “How are you feeling? You didn’t say anything about being wounded.”

“I did not want to worry you, Kitten. When the workers pulled out my pole, it was the worst pain I had ever felt—far worse than when the boy slashed my hoof with his knife. It did not come out easily. One of them had to hold onto me while the other one pulled. Not only did it hurt, physically, but as it came free, I realized that never again would I be part of a carousel. Nevermore would I gallop with the other horses. Nevermore would I carry girls and boys on my back and away from their cares. Only the hope of reuniting with you kept my heart beating. Without that hope and purpose, I would have broken into pieces and died on the floor of the abandoned hippodrome.”

“Oh, Pegasus! I can feel exactly what you mean. You have made the ultimate sacrifice for me. You have given up your immortality and become a living, wounded horse for me.”

“Kitten, finding and fulfilling my purpose as your spiritual mentor makes any amount of suffering bearable. Being with you is a joy. Rest easy. The pain is bearable, and your touch will heal me. Let us speak no more of this, for now. Let us enjoy each other’s spiritual presence and gather our strength for tomorrow.”

Karen sobbed. Just as she had felt his physical pain when she had laid her hands on his wound, she now felt his emotional suffering at the prospect of giving up life on his beloved carousel. At the same time, she felt his joyous sense of purpose. Just as he was made to be her spiritual mentor, she was made to be his student. Exhausted, she sat on the floor at his feet. He lowered his head to nuzzle her.

Through the evening, she fought to stay awake, but her eyes got heavier and heavier. Periodically, they closed and she fought to reopen them. In the end, her weariness won. Karen fell into a deep slumber.

Having Pegasus near has made everything all right again.

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