The Healing Horse, Ch. 8, Scene 04: Karen Tells Mama She Brought Pegasus Home

Imagine her mother’s surprise when little Karen runs into the kitchen and announces that she has brought her magical horse home with her. But wait! She gets an even bigger surprise in the next scene, so stay tuned…

Scene 04: Karen Tells Mama She Brought Pegasus Home

When Karen ran into the kitchen, she found Mama stirring a large pot on the stove. It smelled wonderful, but she did not want to take time to ask what was in it. She knew she would enjoy it for dinner, very soon.

“Mama, do you remember how I told you about the carousel being torn down and my magical horse, Pegasus, being thrown onto a heap with the other horses? Well, the note you left me, last night, made me feel stronger! So, I went to the carousel after school, today, and Pegasus found me!”

“Mazel tov! What do you mean? Found you? Where?”

With disquietude tearing her heart, Karen revealed, “At the pier he heard my voice, and he came directly to me. He’s outside in the garage, now. He’s there only until we find a suitable stable for him. Okay, Mama?”

“Sure, darling, that’s fine, I think. Let’s go out to the garage and take a look. I want to make sure he’s okay, there.”

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