The Healing Horse, Ch. 7, Scene 16: Karen Uses Her Imagination to Regain Her Strength

In this scene, the story begins to climb. The sweetness of autumn provides a contrast to Kitten’s mood, and she takes note. Within minutes, her imagination reminds her of the pleasure of riding on Pegasus’ back. Then she has an epiphany. She needs to take action. She discovers an encouraging note from her mother. She sets aside here crutch and paces the room, her head full of plans for the morrow. She is on the mend.

Scene 16: Karen Uses Her Imagination to Regain Her Strength

That Thursday evening, as she huddled in the warmth of her window seat, she found herself in complete incongruity with the sweet taste of the autumn air that came in from outside. The contrast between her jagged emotional state and the coziness of her home made her feel even lonelier than ever.

Looking up at the stars in the misty, blue sky, she daydreamed about the good times she had enjoyed while riding her stallion at the carousel, and about how he had come alive for her and for her alone. Yet, she could not stop thinking about what would become of him. Indulging herself, she envisioned everything working out for the best, but she knew that dreams were not enough. She would have to take action.

She envisioned the day when she would once more climb upon his back. Her imagination brought her back to her carousel experiences as if she were living them, again, and she felt as if her view of life were changing on some deep level, as if she were beginning to see with a new clarity, free from the scratched lenses of conventional conditioning that had clouded her vision all her life.

As the evening passed, she felt an urge to move. Forcing herself to stand, she noticed a piece of paper that had been sitting on her desk for several days. She had not felt up to looking at it, but now she did. Using her crutch, she hobbled across her room to her desk. It was a note in Mama’s handwriting.

Dear Kitten, This is another challenge in life—a trying situation you are facing. I wish you didn’t have to go through this. But you make me prouder than I could ever say. Your concern for Pegasus will break down all barriers and bring him back to you.

As she read these words, she felt Mama’s confirmation energize her. Her own strength returned to her legs. With renewed vitality, she leaned the crutch against the wall and slowly walked the floor. One careful step at a time, she picked up speed, bending her knees to make sure her legs were in good position and form.

This is wonderful! I just needed some encouragement. I’ll tell Mama, now, so she can stop worrying, and tomorrow after school I can go out looking for Pegasus.

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