The Healing Horse, Ch. 8, Scene 02: Karen Hides Pegasus in the Garage

Karen continues to show good judgment, as she hides Pegasus in her mother’s garage and then leaves to get help from her Mama.

Scene 02: Karen Hides Pegasus in the Garage

Once at home, Karen rode her stallion down the driveway, around Mama’s parked Chevy, and into the garage. Reaching up, she pulled down the handle of the overhead door. With it closed, no one could see him. He would be safe for now.

A concrete-floor garage with no windows except for the little one in the side door was not what she wanted for Pegasus. She needed Mama’s help to find a better place.

“Stay here for a minute, boy, while I go talk to Mama. You’ll be shielded and protected here.”

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