The Healing Horse, Ch 6, Scene 7: Kitten Relaxes and Then Goes to Sleep

After preparing for bed, Kitten drifts back in memory to reflect on the magic of her day and on her achievements.

Scene 7: Kitten Relaxes and Then Goes to Sleep

After dinner, Karen took her bath and prepared for bed. Even though her favorite programs were on TV, she could not keep herself from drifting back into her memories and recalling her marvelous day.

I had my own unique adventure, today. I took something out of my heart and mind and made it come to pass. I told Mama everything, except about Pegasus talking. I told her about holding onto the horse’s reins without any assistance, about how beautiful the horse was, and about how kind and gentle the man who helped me on and off was, but I kept the magic of Pegasus to myself.

Deep in memory, she lost track of time. The clock chiming eight surprised her. When she stood and stretched her arms, her nose caught the scent of shoe polish. Like every night, Mama sat on the other side of the room, polishing away scuffs from Kitten’s white leather high-top shoes. Kitten walked over and gave her a loving kiss goodnight.

“I’ll see you in the morning,” she said.

Mama replied, “Yes, Kitten. See you in the A.M. Have a good night’s rest, my precious girl. Sleep tight.”

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