The Healing Horse, Ch 6, Scene 14: Pegasus Reflects

Karen and Pegasus both reflect on how he has affected her. She understands that she needs the spiritual courage that sustains him, and he understands that because of her compassionate nature, nurturing her will not be difficult.

Scene 14: Pegasus Reflects

From then on, Karen looked at Pegasus in a wholly different way. His courage and strength buoyed her, and she felt that same strength and courage within herself. Through hearing his story, she realized that she would need a lot of what he possessed as she journeyed through her own life.

Pegasus also understood that he would not be the only one who would help Karen. He knew that as she matured, new people would enter her life and shape her sweet soul. She was open and willing to become the best person she could be, so nurturing and molding her talents would not be difficult. He would help her find other people she could lean on.

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