The Healing Horse, Ch 5, Scene 11: Kitten Waits in Line

As she waits in line, Kitten experiences bliss and gets her first glimpse of Pegasus.

Scene 11: Kitten Waits in Line

Ticket in hand, Karen waited in line. The horses were far more delicious than she had imagined. Their bodies brightly painted, they pranced in circles, rising and falling, glowing with the golden light of the summer sun transmitted through the beveled windows, their refined, tapered limbs outstretched before them. Of many colors, some were the brown of deep, dark chocolate, others as black as the darkest licorice, others like vanilla ice cream, rich and creamy and golden white. For most of them, the reins matched their saddles, while for a few, the reins were of contrasting shades. Each horse was uniquely carved and painted, with a pink, blue, turquoise or magenta saddle. Their midnight blue eyes radiated such a light that they seemed to invite Kitten to come toward them, and she was drawn to those deep sapphire eyes more strongly than she had ever felt drawn to anything before.

The carousel spun again, and Kitten felt the pure essence of time. She was mesmerized by the profound aesthetics of the horses, and immersed in a moment of pure bliss. Of all the horses, one alone was a supernatural lavender, and she found her eyes following him. He was the most beautiful.

Karen felt energy and exuberance continue building within herself. I’m so proud of myself! Performing this act of bravery has proved my courageousness. I am only twelve-and-a-half years old, but this is the beginning of my life’s path.

Outwardly silent, Kitten moved forward, part of the line of those who also waited to take their favorite seats or to mount their favorite horses. Each time the carousel stopped and started, the line shortened by only a few steps. She saw that many people had bought multiple tickets, so they could take longer rides on their favorite horses, but she was in no hurry, now. Every second was an eternity of the blissful moment. She patiently relished the passing of time and smiled to herself as she caught glimpses of the mint, red, and purple balloons bumping and bouncing on long, white strings above the other children’s heads. Children were everywhere. They held cotton candy and they drank sodas. In pure loving delight, Karen watched in silence, and enjoyed their pleasure.

Thump, thump, thump! Her heart cheered. This is it! I’m going on the next ride!

Carefully, she walked toward the boarding ramp, her mind leaping back from the balloons to exactly which stunning horse she would select. At that moment, she began to feel something unlike anything she had ever felt before. Pausing, she looked around, and in that instant she became aware of a tingling feeling of the utmost importance. It was a new, indestructible belief within her being, a solid confidence in the trustworthiness of her own abilities, in the wisdom of relying upon herself more than she had ever dared. This was not a passing emotion or intellectual idea. This had the weight of certainty. It gave her the highest regard for the new strength she felt. Inwardly, she unreservedly praised herself for a job well done.

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