The Healing Horse, Ch. 40, Scene 5: Sharing with Pegasus

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As soon as Mr. Hellweg gives young Karen the okay to use his barn as a dance studio, she runs to share her joy with her mentor. Something big is happening.

[Image by James St. John, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons]

Scene 5: Sharing with Pegasus

Karen was on cloud nine. She ran out through the French doors and all the way to Pegasus’ barn, gliding through the air.

As she neared his stable, she waved. “Pegasus, Pegasus, where are you, boy?”

He walked around the corner. “Here I am, Kitten. What’s going on? You sound excited!”

Karen exhaled and tried to harness her joy so she could explain her good fortune. “That’s because I am. It happened on my way here. A big, empty barn. I never noticed it before. It was like it appeared just for me. I could barely believe my eyes.”

“Tell me about it.”

“It’s big enough to practice my dance routines and teach. Once my ballet barre is up, I can practice my stretches and shuffles and ball changes. Could you meet me there tomorrow morning at eight? You can critique my workout.”

She smiled with her childlike glow.

“I’d love to. Now let me give you a ride home.”

“Thanks! I need to call Rocky and ask him to help.”

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