The Healing Horse, Ch. 40, Scene 2: Advice and Healing

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Sometimes in life, we reach a point where we must cross a bridge from one stage to another, from where we are to becoming more who we truly are. This is such a moment for Karen.

[Image of Decorative Bridge by Christine Westerback, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons]

Scene 2: Advice and Healing

She found Pegasus, and they strolled up the slope toward Joshua’s ranch. When they reached the Old-Fashioned Garden, at the beginning of his property, she dismounted. Inhaling the lilac fragrance and letting the spiritual essence enter her, she told Pegasus what happened.

He asked, “How do you feel about this now?”

“I’m grateful to Mama for trying to help, but I feel like she is my dear, dear Mama and will always be overprotective of me. But she is too helpful. She is taking over and doesn’t realize all the time that she allows me to do things for myself. This time, it’s allowing me to find a dance studio on my own. I want to learn from this experience. I want it to be my learning experience, not mine and Mama’s. I need to do this independently, and I hope she understands. I’m eighteen now, and I can do things for myself. At least, I think I can.”

“Do you feel like your Mama is holding you back?”

“No. Not exactly holding me back, but doing too much for me, so I can’t grow.”

“Kitten, the time has come in your life when you must take charge. That’s why your Mama could not find a dance studio for you. She could not find one today, and she can never find one for you. You need to grow beyond any limiting beliefs and distorted destructive tapes about yourself as a person with a handicap. This is your growth process, and your Mama cannot help you. You need to meditate and release all sources of negativity, fear, anxiety, and doubt. You need to accept what is taking place in the moment, in the here and now, so you can align yourself with the universe. And when you do this, the universe will provide.”

He let his words sink in.

“You’re right, boy. Let’s go to The Bridge of Silence, and I will meditate on this while the healing energy of the universe reintegrates me and brings me into alignment with it.”

She climbed onto her mentor’s back, and they proceeded to the tiny, arched bridge. She sat absolutely still on his back and turned her attention inward. She felt the healing energy do its work of detaching her from the half-truths that held her back and replacing them with the full truth of her self.

After a while, Pegasus said, “I sense you are now healed.”

“Yes. Let me also be grateful for this moment and this learning experience.”

Original text ©2023 by Karen Lynn-Chlup. All rights reserved.


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