The Healing Horse, Ch. 39, Scene 7: The Stop

A magical, spiritual influence has always run through my life. In this scene, I express my thanks. And it ends with me becoming a real California driving girl and listening to Simon & Garfunkel while I drive.

Scene 7: The Stop

Driving up the long road to their Topanga Canyon bungalow brought back memories to Karen. She gripped the wheel of the big Chevy and maneuvered it through the heavy traffic, but in her heart she dwelt upon Pegasus and all he had done for her, all he had given and sacrificed for her, over the years. Like Gil, he always stood by her. He always stood by her side and gave her the wisdom to cope.

She glanced at Mama. “Do you mind if we make a stop on the way home? You know where.”

Mama smiled. “I think that would be very appropriate.”

Karen drove past their home and on to Tex’s ranch. Pegasus was waiting for her. He stood in the pasture next to the parking lot, and when she opened the Chevy’s door and stepped out from the driver’s side, he neighed. That said it all.

“Hi boy,” she said, as she always did.

He grinned. “You did it, didn’t you, Kitten? You got yourself a driver’s license. Do you still need me?”

Karen nodded. “I will always need you in my life, boy. I got my license, but you will always be the one who brought me from being less than myself to becoming my true self, and riding on you will always transport my soul.”

He smiled and let her return to her thoughts.

Oh, how accomplished and proud she felt! Once again, she had proved to herself that she could do anything she set her mind to.

From then on, she drove the streets of LA, the Valley, Westwood Boulevard, and Santa Monica—wherever her heart desired—while listening to Simon and Garfunkel on K-EARTH, blasting on the radio, with the windows rolled down, and the beautiful California breeze blowing through her hair.

As she drove, she improved her skills. She found she could slide her right hand across the steering wheel to trip the turn signal. Her left arm grew stronger and straighter by reaching, extending, and stretching as she drove. Truly, just as she mastered dance and horseback riding, she became a Southern California driving girl.

Original text ©2023 by Karen Lynn-Chlup. All rights reserved.

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