The Healing Horse, Ch. 32, Scene 4: Becoming Who She Really Is

Photo of bottom of tap dance shoe

In this scene, young Karen tells Mama about the dancer inside of her. It needs to get out.

(Image by Lambtron, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons)

Scene 4: Becoming Who She Really Is

A moment later, the front door crashed open. Mama jumped up from her desk as her usually quiet young Kitten stormed in.

“My Krana Layala, what is wrong? My girl, I’ve never seen you look so upset.”

“Mama, I need to talk to you. Something’s been keeping me awake at night, and I just discussed it with Pegasus. He thought I should talk to you, since this is not only a spiritual problem. It’s a real-world problem for me. I need to become who I really am in the world, and who I really am is a dancer. And I need a dance teacher who can help me train my disabled body to dance. And after I learn to dance, I can share what I know with other disabled girls and boys. There is a dancer inside me, and I will die if this dancer cannot come out. I need a teacher, and I need a teacher now.”

“My daughter, I understand, and truly, the universe is working with us. A moment ago, I spoke with a dance teacher who is not only willing to work with you, but is eager to meet you. He thinks you and he could be great together.”

“Oh Mama! That’s what Pegasus said, that I would meet my dance teacher soon. When do my lessons begin?”

“On Friday. It’s a little late to go shopping, now, but tomorrow I’ll pick you up after school so we can get you some dance togs.”

Karen hugged her and helped fix a big salad for supper.

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