The Healing Horse, Ch. 31, Scene 4: Reflections on a Shattered Glass

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Love is beautiful, and in this scene, Pegasus and Karen affirm that. Dollars spent or minutes enjoyed together cannot measure it.

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Scene 4: Reflections on a Shattered Glass

Karen let Mama lead her through the garage and back to the Chevy. She did not say even one word as Mama drove them home. When Karen emerged from the car, she walked through the house to her bedroom. She kicked off her shoes, put on her slippers, and jumped up onto the window seat. She had a lot on her mind.

As soon as she got settled, Pegasus walked up to the window. She rose to her knees and opened it by pushing the latch down with her beautifully disabled arm.

“Hi, Boy. Thanks for coming to visit. I just got home and need to renew myself. Spending the day with Tammy wore me out. She was great, but her sister was something else. Let me tell you what happened…”

Pegasus listened and then spoke from his heart. “Kitten, you learned a lot today. You shared your wisdom with Tammy and gave her your love and support. You were even kind to her sister. And you found you have something valuable to give. Now you understand you can pass on the wisdom I have given you, even in difficult situations. It will be there in reserve for future use. You have inner strength. You have come a long way since the day Claudia bullied you to tears.”

“But what about Tammy and her family? I can’t visit them every day.”

“Tammy knows what love is. She will be all right. But her mother and sister need to learn love flows directly from heart to heart. It does not go by way of clocks and pocketbooks.”

Karen nodded. In her wisdom, she knew exactly what he meant. “Yes, it’s nice to spend time with people you love and buy them nice things, but it’s the love that counts, not the minutes and dollars spent.”

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