The Healing Horse, Ch. 26, Scene 2: Karen Asks Mama

image of spaghetti bologneseLittle Karen is someone who does not easily give up on herself or on other people. In this scene, she reaffirms her courage. She will go for a play date with a mean girl. Maybe she can help Claudia and be her friend. 

(Image by Manfred&Barbara Aulbach, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons)

Scene 2: Karen Asks Mama

When she got off the school bus, Karen ran into the house and found Mama waiting for her in the kitchen. It was Karen’s night to cook. She made spaghetti with tomato sauce, and Mama helped.

“Mama, Claudia sat next to me on the bus and invited me to come over to her house and play dolls this weekend. I thought this is weird. Why would she be asking me to come play with her after all these years of ignoring me? I’ve tried to be friends with her in spite of her bullying, but she’s always ignored me. We ride the bus together, every day, and we have classes together, but now, all of a sudden, she wants me to come visit her.”

Mama raised one eyebrow as she replied, “Kitten, this could be a way to expand your circle of friends, but be careful. You know how mean she can be, the way she teases and tries to trick the other children. She’s been mean to you, before, so take heed, darling.”

“Maybe she’s changed, though the way she was teasing one of the boys on the bus about his learning disabilities did not sound like a change. It sounded like the same mean old Claudia. I hope she’s changed. I can always use a new friend, and I’m sure Claudia would be happier if she stopped making enemies out of everyone she meets.”

“That’s my Krana Layala! So smart. So wise. Always reaching out.”

“Can you take me on Saturday? Can you call Claudia’s mother to let her know?”

Mama agreed and then used the school directory to look up the number. She made a quick call, and then said, “You’re all set. I’ll take you over, Saturday afternoon.”

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