The Healing Horse, Ch. 22, Scene 6: In a Fog

image of storm cloudsThe story continues building toward a climactic confrontation with Mrs. Pinzetti, as little Kitten struggles to keep herself going in the face of the next day’s dreaded events.

(Photo by cjohnson7 from Rochester, Minnesota, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons)

Scene 6: In a Fog

Her mind fully preoccupied by the dreaded clinic and evaluation, she went through the rest of the school day. Eventually, school ended, and she gratefully realized she was sitting in her seat, riding home on the school bus.

Deep in thought, she sat still and quiet, unaware that she was almost home. When, at last, her eyes focused on Pegasus, she emerged from her trance-like state. However, the world still felt like a dream.

There was her stallion, standing by the curb, waiting to greet her. The bus stopped. She unbuckled her seat belt, walked to the door, and hopped down the two steps. Mr. Hinton motored away, and Pegasus spoke.

“What’s the matter, Karen? My intuition has been telling me that something is bothering you.”

“I had to write an extemporaneous paper at school, and it took a ton of energy. Then, Mrs. Pinzetti gave me a note that my clinic and eval are tomorrow. I’m exhausted, and tomorrow will be miserable.”

Affectionately, Pegasus inched towards her, but she looked away at the cloudy sky, unable to meet his eyes and too drained to talk about anything.

“When you’re ready, Kitten, I will be here for you.”

Despondently, she trod up the steps to her house.

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