The Healing Horse, Ch. 20, Scene 5: Reflecting with Pegasus

image of rainbow over seaIn this scene, Kitten has a spiritual breakthrough, as she realizes that she has learned to set her own standards. She no longer has to fear failing to meet the standards of the authorities who control much of her life, and she does not have to allow the so-called experts to limit her potential by setting artificially low standards for her.

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Scene 5: Reflecting with Pegasus

In her memory of that day when Dr. Muñoz was so mean to her, Karen recalled visiting her mentor as soon as she arrived home.

After the bus ride home, Karen jumped to the sidewalk and called to Mama that she was going to visit Pegasus. Without hesitating, she hurried to the stables. She explained what had happened at school, and then he commented.

“You are learning to empower yourself by defining your own standards. You are learning to set your own goals and not to let the experts tell you whether or not you are achieving them. You are empowering yourself by deciding what mastery means to you in every situation, and you are beginning to control your feelings and reactions to circumstances. When you can do this, then no one else will have the power to define who and what you are. You will not be deterred by doctors, teachers, therapists, or psychologists, ever again. Their lies, half-truths and innuendos will not affect your inner being. You will fight for your own rights, including your rights to dignity and respect, and you will fight for the rights of all disabled people. No one will be able to hold you back.”

She felt her spirit take a new stance as she listened to her mentor. It glowed and illumined her from within. His words answered her question about meeting the experts’ standards. She did not have to meet them. She had to meet her own standards. She knew she could do this, and she could teach others to do the same for themselves. She felt her body stand straighter than ever before. No one could hold her back.

She touched Pegasus’ neck without speaking. There were no words that had to be uttered. Pegasus knew. They spent the next hour walking together in silence. When they reached the top of the crest of the hills, a rainbow appeared over water of the bay, and then she went home for dinner.

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