The Healing Horse, Ch. 16, Scene 5: A Mother’s Promise

In this scene, Karen and Mama discuss the day, and then Mama makes a surprising promise that foreshadows what will happen later in the book.

Scene 5: A Mother’s Promise

Karen climbed the steps to the front porch of the Craftsman bungalow and let herself in. She smelled chicken soup cooking in the kitchen and took in a deep breath. That was exactly what she wanted to eat, and then she would go to bed. She heard Mama call her name, and she kicked off her shoes before going to meet her. After a big hug, they carried their bowls of soup to the dining table and sat down.

Karen told Mama all about the day, even the parts about Pegasus talking and Madame Leota’s prediction. She repeated it word for word.

In a future time not long away
You will dance and lead the way
Follow the pied piper, the dancing man
He will show you that you can.

Let no discouragement block your way
No matter what authorities say
You can dance and lead the way
You will show others that so can they.

Beware the white coats and teachers false
Stick close to your horse and teacher true
Eyes on your strengths, not on your faults
Become the one who is truly you.

Mama thought for a moment, and her eyes filled with tears, as she thought about all the discouragement her daughter would, indeed, face.

“That all makes sense to me, my Krana Layala, but it’s been a long day. We both need our sleep. But I will tell you that I will find you a dance teacher. I promise.”

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