The Healing Horse, Ch. 15, Scene 8: In the Haunted Mansion

In this scene, once again brave Karen and Pegasus overcome their fears and actually enjoy being in a haunted house full of ghosts. But when the ride ends, they receive a mysterious invitation. What will happen, next?

If you’re interested in Disney history, here’s a link to an article on the opening of the Haunted Mansion, along with a picture that is part of the article.

Scene 8: In the Haunted Mansion

They walked slowly up the stairs to the open door. When they stepped inside, it slammed behind them. Karen whirled and grabbed the doorknob, but it would not turn.

A deep voice said, “Welcome, Karen and Pegasus. We have been awaiting your presence. This attraction will not open to the public for years, but for you it is open today.”

Lights in sconces provided the only illumination. Sunlight did not seem able to pass through the windows. The lights flickered and dimmed slowly. Suddenly, they moved and danced about in the air.. Karen giggled nervously and held onto Pegasus’ mane. She did not know what to expect.

The deep voice said, “Please move forward to the next room.”

Karen continued to hold Pegasus’ mane, as they passed through a pair of double doors into another room. Everything seemed to rotate in it. Then an old-fashioned carriage appeared.

“Please enjoy your ride in your Doom Buggy,” the voice said. “It is specially made to carry horses as well as people.”

“Hold on to me, Kitten.” Pegasus said. “I do not want to fall out of this thing.”

As soon as they got in, Karen sat down and held Pegasus with both arms around his neck. A ghost appeared ahead of them. She looked at it, and it looked back at her.

“Oh!” Karen said.

She was startled. But then, she and Pegasus both began to giggle out of a combination of being scared and having jittery nerves. They did not know what to expect.

Next, they saw their own reflections, as if they were ghosts, too. Their heads seemed to float along beside them.

With each twist and turn they began to relax. Soon, they were laughing. They didn’t want it to end, but the Doom Buggy stopped.

The deep voice said, “There is someone here who wants to speak with you, Karen and Pegasus. Please go up the stairs to the Séance Room of Madame Leota.”

“Oh boy, Pegasus. Now I’m scared,” Karen whispered.

“That’s all right Kitten. Just as you said, we need to face our fears and climb those stairs.”

The stairs were wide, but as the reached each floor, they grew narrower. At last, they reached the top and stood before a closed door. They looked at each other, and Karen knocked.

From inside, a woman’s voice said, “You have faced your fear, so you may enter here.”

Karen reached for the doorknob with her strong right hand. It turned, and she pushed the door open.

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