The Healing Horse, Ch. 15, Scene 6: Mouse Ears

In this scene, Karen and Pegasus don their own mouse ears, and once again the Magic Kingdom welcomes them and accepts them as they are. Believe it or not, I had trouble finding a picture of the mouse ear beanies as they used to be, but finally I found one on ebay. This cap was actually from Walt Disney World, but the ones at Disneyland were essentially the same. 

Scene 6: Mouse Ears

As they strolled down Main Street, they enjoyed every moment. They looked into shop windows and even visited some of them. Then Karen noticed something. Nearly all the other children were wearing something that she was not.

“Pegasus,” she said. “I think we forgot to buy something very important. Can you guess what it is?”

Pegasus thought for a moment, and then said, “No, Kitten, I cannot. We bought tickets to get in. We bought food. You wanted to buy a glass figurine, but they were too expensive, so you are going to save your money to buy one. When we get to the rides, we can go on them, but we are not that far, yet. What am I missing?”

“Well,” Karen said slyly. “You and I each have two of these, already. Can you guess, now?”


“You’re very close, my friend. What do we have two of that are beside our eyes, but just around our heads?”

“Ears? We have two ears, right?”

“Yes! Pegasus! You guessed it, but what kind of ears do we need for a day at Disneyland?”

Pegasus laughed, as he realized what she was hinting at.

“Mouse ears!” he said. “We need Mickey Mouse ears.”

“Yes!” Karen said. “There’s a souvenir stand. Let’s go buy some.”

The bright red stand sold all kinds of Disneyland souvenirs, everything from hats to pillows and even little white gloves.

Karen said to the girl working at it, “I want to buy a Mickey Mouse beanie for myself, and do you have one that’s big enough for my horse?”

The girl said, “Not a beanie, but I think this might work.”

She pulled a springy headband with Mickey ears attached to it down from her display.

“You wanna try it on him?” she asked.

“Sure!” Karen said as Pegasus lowered his head, so she could put the headband on him.

He straightened up and said, “How do I look? Do they fit right?”

The girl’s mouth opened wide, and she said, “You’re a talking horse! You’re magical, and I think the mouse ears look great on you.”

“Thank you,” Pegasus said. “How about you, Kitten? Do they look good?”

Karen’s heart filled with joy, not only about the ears but about how the girl accepted Pegasus as magical.

Blinking back tears of joy, she said, “You look fantastic!”

She put a beanie on herself and paid for her purchases.

The girl said, “Be sure to come back and see me, next time you come to Disneyland.”

Karen and Pegasus said in unison, “We sure will.”

Text ©2021, Karen Lynn-Chlup. All rights reserved.

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