The Healing Horse, Ch. 15, Scene 5: The Glass Blower

In this scene, Karen and Pegasus watch in wonder as a glass artist creates a figurine of a horse. Karen takes another step toward learning to make her own decisions by deciding that she will save her money so she can buy one. 
If you are interested in glass blowing, here’s a link to some info about the Disneyland glassblowing studio, followed by a link to a YouTube video that will show you how it’s done. 

Scene 5: The Glass Blower

After they finished their snacks, they continued walking. They passed a bank with a line of people standing outside.

“Pegasus, why do you suppose they’re standing in line?”

Her horse replied, “Probably to cash checks, so they have money to spend.”

“Oh,” Karen said. “I hadn’t thought of that. How do you know so much, Pegasus?”

He laughed and said, “I heard Tex and Babbs talking about going to their bank for cash, so it wasn’t hard to figure out.”

They walked a little further, and Karen looked into a store.

“Oh my!” she said.

Pegasus stuck his head into the shop and then froze in fascination.

As they watched, a man held a long metal tube with a blob of red-hot glass on the end of it. He blew into the tube, and as he blew he turned it. At first it was just a big blob of color, but as they watched, he created a glass sculpture of a horse.

When he finished, they took a moment to look at the beautiful blown glass figurines that filled the shop’s shelves.

“Pegasus, I’m going to save enough money to buy one of those.”

They backed out of the shop and continued on their way.

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