The Healing Horse, Ch. 11, Scene 6: Mama Gives Karen and Pegasus the Good News

Mama reaches the ranch and takes a moment to reflect on her life. She has just made a huge commitment, and she realizes it will be life-changing, just as the other pivotal moments in her life changed everything forever.

Scene 6: Mama Gives Karen and Pegasus the Good News

Two hours later, she parked in the gravel lot at the ranch. Studying her face in the rearview mirror, she gazed back at herself. She remembered her childhood during the Great Depression, the good years of working as a buyer at Hattie Carnegie’s before she married, the joy of her wedding day, the terrible day of the DPT shot that had almost killed her daughter, the car crash that had killed her husband, and the decision to take the legal secretary position that made buying a home for her and her Krana Layala possible. The house was much nicer than she had thought they could afford, but as the agent had pointed out, if they wanted to live in the neighborhood of the ranch, they were going to have to pay the price. There were no cheap homes, here. Everything was very nice and priced accordingly. She brought her mind back to the present and freshened her makeup.

She saw Kitten riding Pegasus toward the barn and hurried to catch up with them. Kitten slipped down off her horse and hugged her. Mama felt herself transmitting a glow of satisfaction, even of jubilation.

Kitten looked up at her and asked, “Why are you here so early, Mama? Wait! I know! You have some good news, don’t you? I can feel it!”

“Yes! We have a new home. Of all the houses I looked at, this was the best one. It’s real cute and clean, and it’s only two blocks from the stables. The owners were asking more than we could afford, but when I talked to them, they said they needed to sell quickly because they were moving away from LA. So, I made an offer we could afford, and they accepted it.”

Karen let go of Mama and jumped with joy. She still held Pegasus’ reins, and he bobbed his head with her and neighed, and for a joyful moment the three of them danced in a circle.

Then Mama said, “Come on! We have to bag bunches of boxes from the grocery store and pack up the whole house before we can move.”

Kitten and Pegasus said their goodbyes, and then Mama and Karen hurried off on their errands, but first they made a stop.

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