The Healing Horse, Ch. 10, Scene 8: Eating at the Picnic Table with Joshua

This is the first scene in which the cowboy, Joshua, sees Pegasus fully alive–a horse, not a wooden carving. The three of them bond deeply, so deeply that spoken words become unnecessary.

Scene 8: Eating at the Picnic Table with Joshua

They walked to the picnic table, and Karen used it to dismount from Pegasus’ back. She and Joshua sat on a bench, while Pegasus stood nearby. After spreading a cloth napkin on the table, she unwrapped her tuna fish sandwich and poured chopped vegetables from the plastic bag. There were carrots, celery, broccoli, cauliflower, radishes, and cucumber. As she arranged them, Joshua reached into his pocket.

“This here is for you, Pegasus. A pink lady apple. They’re better than delicious apples. I happen to have one on me. I always carry one for momentous moments like this here one.”

Joshua winked. Pegasus nuzzled him, and they bonded in a moment of sweetness. Even though they had spent many hours together at the carousel, this was the first time they had been together with Pegasus fully alive. There was now an inner link that united Karen, Pegasus, and Joshua, a spiritual aura articulating, connecting, and merging them into an inseparable alliance.

“What an affinity,” Karen said. “We are just like the three musketeers!”

She offered Joshua half her sandwich.

“Thanks, doll!” he said. They were growing closer every minute.

“Have some veggies, too.”

She gave Pegasus a carrot, and the three ate without further conversation.

Each of them reflected on recent events. They did not need spoken words. The words in their minds were in heavenly harmony.

Joshua had watched the changes in Karen. He was amazed at her progress and impressed by her willingness to stand up for herself and for those she cared about. I knew she would do great things the moment she chose Pegasus and clum up onto his back.

Karen’s mind drifted soothingly over the challenges of the past months. Now, I know who my real friends are, and what being a friend really means. It isn’t easy. Joshua and Pegasus are in my friendship circle, along with Mama. I will always be there for them, just like they are for me.

Pegasus also mused, Kitten has taken her first steps down an arduous path, and I have found a reason to live. We both have a long way to go, and I am grateful that I was sent to guide her.

Joshua said, “There’s just one more thing that we should talk about. Now that Pegasus is a real horse, you’ll need to learn how to take care of a real horse. Rocky can teach you. I’ll have a word with him and Tex, and he can start showin’ you what to do, next time you visit.”

After they finished the last bites of food, Karen wiped her mouth on one of the paper napkins, stood up, and dusted off her jeans. Joshua helped her pack the plastic bag and used napkins back into the paper sack, and then she and Pegasus said goodbye to him, as he walked toward his pickup truck in the parking lot.

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