Since I Last Wrote

Since I last wrote, my website has gone through a major overhaul, and has been completely re-built. Now that Whispers is completely re-constructed, we can move forward with ease:>) I am so happy I am back, and that my site is finally the way I like it:>)  I am thrilled beyond words, and I owe my deepest thanks to those “special individuals” who helped me to re-designed it.

I also want to take this moment to thank all of you as well. I know my site has had its twists and turns, ups and down’s; but all of you have been so very patient with me, and I want to personally thank you for your continued support, and endurance through this whole process.  I know you probably have wondered what was taking so long, or why it kept changing face’s and design plans for the last 8 years, but I’m here, writing to you today, to tell you that all is completed… and I want to personally thank you for going the distance with me.  It has been a long, drawn out process and journey, but we are now home safe.  All is well and could not be better:>)

I want you to know that you have been my life line- you are the ones I do this for:>)  you are my purpose…

Therefore, I truly want to apologize if, in the last 4 months to 2 years or more- if I have caused you ANY inconvenience at all.  I promise this won’t ever happen again…  but I could not proceed or live comfortably within my own skin, until I knew that all these changes took place, and I was happy, at ease, and at peace and harmony with not only the way whispers looked, but I also needed it to feel warm and cozy.  I can honestly say that Whispers of Hope always had something missing to me-  thus, I had to find its perfect look, its perfectly written and grammatically constructed content, and, I had to find the people who I could turn to who were creatively able to enable my desires to be arranged, constructed, and displayed.

With must pride, I am proud to announce that Whispers of Hope is completed to date, and is just the way I always dreamed of it being!  We can all move forward from here.  Now  that everything is secure, and I have taken all the necessary actions, we can all rest easy now and have a blast!  We can all post to our hearts content.  Read what ever we want to read, and just unwind by being ourselves-  We don’t have to worry anymore or put on any false fronts!  We can let our true feeling be known.

So my dear friends and new viewers, feel free to read and write what ever you feel- And, tell me exactly what you think about the all New and Improved Whispers of Hope.:) or what you’d like to see on here.  I welcome your thoughts and opinions.

BTW, In the next few weeks, I will be placing some exercise videos on here for you, as well as a personal video.  They were made especially to empower you-  So keep your eyes peeled- They will be posted shortly:>)))))))

Until then…

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