Convenient Labeling

Many a times I have thought about all the labels we dish out to man kind in our society. And what a stigma this leave within our being. Its a terrible one, which leaves its scars and marks in our minds and hearts.

They have labels for everything now a days.  When I was a child I was diagnosed as left side hemiplegic Cerebral Palsy, and  years later a learning disability.  I was never labeled anything else, not until the 70S 80S and 90S!  Besides being labeled, it is emotionally degrading and humiliating. I know.  I was labeled three different times –

It was very humiliating, because I knew inside myself I wasn’t a classification.  I was a human being! I am a person!

Thinking about these words make me cringe inside!  As I am sure it does to other people who have been put in the same predicament as I and were classified as something they really are not-

How can each and every one of us do something to change what is going on in our world for the children of today?  How can we stop this from continuing to happen?  How can we make a difference.

I didn’t like or ever agree, use, or consider myself any of those things that were harshly put upon me!  I fought the system and won, but so many people don’t

What do you think?

I have gone and done far more then what these counselors of mine thought of me and my ability that at all in my life.

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