Progress While Moving Forward

The cold of winter has left for the season, as well as the hearts and arrows of Valentine’s Day.  They have been left behind by the many moments and minutes and weeks gone by.  If you haven’t seen any entries from me going up lately on this blog for the past two months, it has been because I have been literally and physically jumping hurtles to cope and deal with people who are “EXPerts” in their own fields, who think they know it all- about EVERything!

Some people have suggested that I rewrite all of my articles with a preface. While others, tell me to get Goggles help, and still other technicians offer little or no suggestions at all.  What then is a poor, sincere girl like me suppose to do?

All and all, I have continued on the straight and narrow.  In the last couple of months, I have not only been making arrangements to fly back to the east coast, but I have begun the process of trying to expand my visibility.  I have secured a speaking engagement for the historical society at Kean University.  This is just another goal that I have been working towards to empower myself and others.  Because of my Dear and devoted friend, professor Sean Dineen, this speaking event has been made possible.

We will be making a video of my presentation which I hope to share and make available to all my readers and compatriots.  I am really looking forward to this trip-in meeting new people, making new contact, and expanding my own personal circle of friends.  I await anxiously to spread my story and book to those who have no idea of who Karen Lynn is.

I do this because I find a deep reward in giving of myself and of sharing my life with others. I have experienced so much throughout my entire life span; that I feel that this is the least I can do.  I feel that this is the only way to give back to the world and community, and to stay personally connected with each and everyone of you!  It also gratifies me in surmountable ways, of which, has profound effect on my life, and gives me an energy that revitalizes my spirit.   All of you have either watched me personally, or experienced for yourself, what daily struggles and challenges are like.  Weather living with a disability or not, we all have moments in our daily affairs which we have to cope and deal with.  But if we have a friend to turn to… it makes life a whoLE lot easier to deal with these difficulties effectively.

I share with all of you, so that we all are not alone, and so we all have each other to turn to!

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