I do not know what will come of all the letter’s I’ve sent out in the last couple of days to promote myself, and my abilities as a public speaker- but what ever it is, I know that I did not sit back on my tush doing nothing!  I know I have moved forward. I know I have put myself and my abilities out there on the line.  I know way down deep, within myself, that I have gone beyond and taken all the action I know how to take-  I have done my part in thought, spirit and deed- and, there is NO WAY that I am going to stop reaching for that dream of mine! I am going to achieve, and conquer, and keep moving forward to reach MY mountain top, and make it happen for myself.  Some how, some way it will be reveled to me!  Just like everything else in my life…  I just hope it does not take forever!  I see many disabled speakers out there.  But none who have gone thought what I have with Cerebral Palsy and a learning disability, nor fighting for my life. And they are out there speaking and making a living for themselves.  So why CAN’T I!!!!  I’ll be very honest with myself, dear blog, It would be very, very sweet if someone recognized my true gift and what I have to give to other people and our world to make this a better place for all. It would be a dream come true!  It would be the pinnacle of pinnacles, after all the experiences I’ve gone through.

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