Maneuvering Through Life With a Disability

Have you ever thought about how you personally maneuver through life’s experiences?  Have you ever given it much thought at all?  Are you positive?  Do you make things positive and have a good attitude and turn life’s negative situations or experiences around?  Can you digest the experiences in your life no matter what the out come has been?  Or, do certain thoughts and feelings linger in your heart and soul?  Do they eat at your core, or bring you happiness?  How do you deal with them?

For the last thirty years, I have been learning to exercise my muscle in maneuvering through life.  I have step by step learned to use my mind, body, and soul, as a vehicle to move, in and out of life’s situations.  I have learned to change position when need be.  I have also learned to be dexterous while using control and skill, as I stretched and flexed my attitude as I gained positive new beliefs and strategy’s in my upward quest to my ultimate objectives.

For those of you who what to put these skills into use, I used the following:

  • Follow your own heart
  • Carve out your own destiny
  • Be true to yourself
  • Listen closely
  • Carefully guide yourself to achieve
  • Follow a plan or strategy
  • Focus
  • Be Discipline
  • Learn new Social Skills
  • Learn how to manage time wisely
  • Give yourself a quiet hour a day
  • Do your homework
  • Take action
  • Let it all merge to realization and fulfillment

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