In the Wee Hours

It is very early in the morning.  1 a.m. to be exact.  I can’t sleep so I thought I would relax by writing some.  Lots to think of and be grateful for with Thanksgiving behind me.  Thinking of the recent joys and challenges I just faced.  Learning to…”accept the things I cannot change… and having “the courage to change the things I can” one day at a time!

The last four days I not only had my husbands brother and wife over for the holiday’s, but I made my prune stuffing which usually comes out heavenly, which through prompting, turn out to be dry and tasteless-  To having the plumbing break in my guest bathroom.

Street fair

Since my hubby, Chris, could not fix it tonight, we both will have to wait till he can find the part at a plumbing store because Low’s and Home Depoit do not carry the part.  Also because we must let the wet areas affected, dry out with a fan, that will run continuously for the next three days.

Thus, I will use my skill and dexterity to gain and keep my peace and harmony.

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