Following the Mores of One’s Heart

How many times have you honestly and earnestly shared your hopes and dreams with not only the people closest to you, but friends, collogues and those who claimed they could help; only to hear words that hamper you and held you back.  How many times were you stifled?  And, how many times were you and your abilities to move forward held back.   Did you feel trapped, frustrated, and beside yourself?  Did you wonder when your chance was going to pan out?   But instead, you were no further along on the pathway to the life you wanted to lead.

Well, my dear friends, I am writing this article because I have spent a lifetime not listening to those “Pearls of Wisdom.”

Again and again in every aspect of my life, I have turn the other check and found a way to accomplish what every expert and even my beloved family thought was impossible.  But I “dreamed the impossible dream, and fought the unbeatable foe.”  There are many times in my own personal life when I can remember reaching out to my mother, asking for help to get an education at a time when disabled people, with learning disabilities were not getting degree’s at all, and hearing my mother say… “Why don’t you just accept yourself the way you are instead of forcing and fighting your learning disability to make the impossible happen.  Upset, and even more determined, I kept walking through the storm.  I kept forging forward even though I was told what I was told.   I smiled, grinned and beard it, but was not going to let my mother’s words and her beliefs about me affect me or hamper my quest.

While I knew my mother was being very loving toward me, I also knew that I would not have a place in society, and at the table if I did not push forward and make every attempt and effort to make my life happen.

When I finally got my degree no one was happier than my mother and me.  She was the only one who knew what I went threw day in and day out.  She came up to me, wrapped her loving arms around me, and hugged and kissed me in the fashion I knew so well.  Then, all of a sudden, I found her whispering in my ear… I’m sorry Kranalala”   You don’t know, or maybe you do know what this meant to me.  It made me radiate with happiness.  It made me radiate from within out.  And, it made me radiate with sheer joy and bliss because I had reached one of my first unreachable dreams.   It was not just hearing my mother’s words of acceptance and love, but knowing  that I listened to myself, my heart, and my drummer, and followed a long and arduous pursuit of mine, of which I had just accomplished.

Karen 3

On that day of mine, I learned one very important lesson.  That lesson was to always follow your own heart and to stay true to your own dreams and what you know about yourself.  People can say what ever they want.  But, if you know the truth within yourself that’s what matters!  No matter what is said, there are always ways one can still make things happen.  You can set yourself free and you can set yourself apart from everything other people say and think about you.  You can hold your head high, reaffirm the truth of your own self and own abilities, and walk past and through all obstacles.  It is all up to you.  It is in your own attitude and belief.  Know one can take that away from you if you truly believe in yourself.  It may not be the next day, week, month, or year that you get whatever you desire.  But it will happen if you stay the course.

You don’t have to be mean, nasty, or get in people’s faces for giving there own opinion, but you can rise above, be eloquent and poised, and accomplish your goals with dignity in a timely, peaceful manor.

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  1. Lovely story. I found that I have to have what I call “True Grit” some of the time to keep going and working on the art history website. I am LD and a Cancer survivor and have CFS so there are months when I can’t put a thought down. I am much better today and therefore could read your blog and post this.

  2. seanpdineen says:

    Who is that nice girl from the west coast.

  3. May we all have that acceptance that your mother ultimately gave. It is something we all crave.

    As an aside: What does Kranala mean? I assume some kind of endearment, but I have never heard it.

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