The other day, I wrote an article that mentioned some tools that I use personally to maneuver through life.  One of the tools I use is to focus.  I think about something of interest.  Something I want to put my full attention to.  Something that I feel real passionate about.   And something that brings me much pleasure and joy in doing.  Something that is gratifying and constructive and make me feel happy and content within.

Then I do two or three different things.  The first of which is to decide what it is I want to take action on.  This could be a mental thought, or a physical action.  Then, I would make a list if I had to.  I would write down all the things I had to do to attain and accomplish this goal. Checking them off as I reach my aim, desired results,  or wishes.

Next, I would proceed clearly and carefully.  Taking one baby step at a time.  Putting one foot in front of the other, until I reach  my attainable goal.  Gradually and consistently, over a period of time, unchanging my course of thinking; I would keep my faith, and endue with all the endurance I inside myself to muster, to keep on keeping on.  I would remain focused.  I would  visualize myself reaching these intents in my mind.

Third, I would say affirmations.  I would believe  in myself more than any other human being on this earth.  I would believe with all my  heart and soul.  I would continue to believe no matter how long it took me to attain my hope.  Plus, I would not allow anyone to sway me or tell me that I COULD NOT succeed or achieve!  I would hold firm to my thoughts, and ground myself by being mindful and steadfast.

Forth, I would be aware.   I would be conscious of all things happening in and around me.  I would be sensible, alert, antiquated, and heedful.  I would also practice being wise and hip, and very attentive to areas that would be beneficial to my growth.

Finally, I would read, learn, do anything I could to educate myself more on my intent and desire, and focus, focus, focus.

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