Changing Terminology- Changing Ideas

Where did it all begin?  Who knows?  But the effects it has left on the special needs community goes much deeper than any of us know.

How many times have you been called developmentally delayed instead of just plain Cerebral Palsy? The first term can represent almost any part of your physical and mental living.  But the second has far more direct characteristics and impact on one’s life.  The idea is that a new way of interacting is now required.  Still, this word is misused to imply limitation instead of alternate methods.

We, as a global society, have progressed beyond the “Cerebral Palsy” name to being linked with the “R” word, and now are known as “Global Developmental Delayed”. The phrasing still holds a dangerous idea and scars people for life!

2 comments on “Changing Terminology- Changing Ideas
  1. Sean Dineen says:

    What a focus on phrasing does is keep people distracted from the broader issue.
    Are we to be allowed to develop our talents or is someone else going to channel us into “Appropriate” pathways?

  2. Jonny Bell says:

    Interesting post, I often feel that the language which is used, especially with regards to disabilities are diluted and misleading.

    J Bell

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